Regionals season

As the hype for the Ninja Worlds Competition increases, the final weeks of regionals kick into full gear. This Season Ultimate Obstacles, a gym located in West Boylston Massachusetts is reprising  its  role as the host of the final regionals Competition before worlds for the second time. The Regional Championship is a big deal as you could probably guess. For some these athletes it’s their last chance to qualify for worlds and so the pressure is on, for others it’s a huge opportunity to push themselves to their limits as an athlete against challenging and intriguing courses. Speaking of courses, the course design process for these is intense and often starts well before the gym for the competition is even picked, the lead course designers this year were the up and coming Jonathan Godbout, Keenan Doyle and Alessandra Merto. Now I also Used to work at Ultimate Obstacles before moving up to college so, when I tell you that these people are some of the most creative and imaginative   people I know, I hope you would be able to trust me. I’ve seen their work first hand in it’s creative process, and the courses that they can create are all amazing and challenging. But the course design isn’t the only part of getting reading for a comp, there is a complex Menagerie  of things that go into planning a competition, especially of this size. And the staff at UO (Ultimate Obstacles) have always killed it and successfully run smooth competitions that leave people feeling satisfied and challenged. 

But enough gloating about my gym Regionals is a truly Unique and amazing time in the Ninja community and offers a lot of people different things and there is that goes into from everyone involved, and you’ll know that if you’ve ever been apart of it, there isn’t anything  quite like it and it’s amazing to be a part of.

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