the other problematic outbreak reading response questions

  1. What is xenophobia? How does the term relate to the Covid-19 pandemic and the various decisions countries have made in dealing with the virus’s spread?

Xenophobia refers to the fear and hatred of a foreign person, this relates to the Covid-19 pandemic in that since the virus originated in China people all of the world(and especially in the US) have started blaming Asian people in general for the outbreak which has seen an overall rise in Asian hate crimes Worldwide. This is of course horrible and steps have been made to try and curb the hatred that has arisen, one way I’ve noticed it’s being done is the Muppets are introducing a new Asian puppet their first Asian puppet actually that they hope will help stop the rise in Asian hate.

2.In what ways does fear factor into the personal accounts and political decision making that Serhan and McLaughlin report on?

Fear plays into things in a way that when people are afraid they get angry, and when people get angry people they usually try to take that anger out on something and in this case some people take it out out on the thing they are scared of. And that can manifest from anywhere to rude comments to physical violence.

3. How does Serhan & McLaughlin’s journalistic piece relate to Cadogan’s first-person narrative?

it relates to it in a way where it shows a very similar problem from a different view point but they are connected and intertwined together. racism and xenophobia are linked in what is essentially a fear of things people don’t understand and find foreign to them.

4.What are your thoughts on travel bans (in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic)? Make your claim and then plant a skeptic or naysayer within the paragraph (name the skeptic, consider the extension of their counterargument, then show why you believe your claim is correct).

I think think that travels bans are a good way to stop or at least slow down the spread of sickness’s that have the ability to go viral, Some may argue against this with a similar argument that was brought up in “the other problematic outbreak were that closing boarders and travel bans can lead to discriminatory ways of thinking and it can be harmful. But I believe an effective way to subvert this would be to just travel ban everywhere and close down for awhile, I know it’s not a perfect solution but these types of situations are very delicate and there isn’t a clean essay solution to these types of problems, I just think that travel bans may be one of the better ways to help despite it not being perfect.

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