Outcome 6 (Sentence-Level Error)

Looking over all of my essays the area I definitely struggle in the most is proofreading, this is because a lot of the time I’ve had to do the essay’s very last minute and so I haven’t been left with much time for proofreading and it is a big problem. In my first essay I poured my heart and soul into the topic because I have very strong emotions about online relationships and their validity, but my essay was sloppily put together and so it was incoherent and hard to read with a lot of little mistakes. I would like to think that I may have fixed this issue with my other essays but the problem is I don’t know if I have because they were also rushed and probably suffered from the same problem. An area I feel I did well in however is the passive vs. Active voice, I feel that throughout all three of my essays my voice was very prevalent in all of them, possibly too much in my first essay, but in the other two i believe my voice to have a fair balance in the writing between it and the rest of the writing. As for all the other areas, I believe it’s a bit of give and take where improvements can be made, and improvement is hopefully what I’ll do in future writings and essays.

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