Outcome 4 (Peer Review)

Looking back at the very early peer review stages I was definitely more critical of my work then the person I was supposed to be reviewing, and this is still something I struggle with during peer review although I do certainly feel more confident reviewing an essay of a person I know or am friends with. For an example of this, in the second essay I was paired with Ren and I felt so much more confident and less stressed out than I had the first time around with our first essay when I had been paired with someone I didn’t know. As for the third essay I was paired with Brain who I don’t know too well but have talked to before so I didn’t have too much trouble there with being critical of his essay. When it comes to peer review I just feel guilty being too critical of anything they have written especially if we had opposing views on the prompt, the only time this really happened was with the first essay where the person I was critiquing thought the internet hurt relationships more than it built then. I have extremely strong opinions about the internet and how much I love my internet friends, and how I feel like I don’t know where I would be today without them. And so since she had the opposite view as me I couldn’t tell if any of my  critiques came from a genuine place or if I was just angry that she saw things so differently than me on a topic that is so close to my heart and important to me. I was however mainly able to get over this problem with the other two essays, for essay two me and Ren saw eye to on on how we didn’t like DFW so all of my critiques I knew were just that, and as for the the last essay all of my critiques were more editing things again because Brain made a lot of good points, and anything I did find was small with essay was really well put together. My take away from all of this is that simply being paired with people I know made the process a whole lot easier although I know that if I go into a job where I will need to edit other people’s work I will need to be more critical regardless of how well I know them.

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