Outcome 3 (Active Reading)

Looking over my essay’s i have a tendency  to lean toward challenging annotations over anything else. I don’t know how that speaks about my character, but for example in the early readings I add many disagreements over the disconnect the author felt online friendships and relationships had over real life friendships. I was very vocal about my stance as an online relationship Advocate and how they are just as valid as in person relationships. Throughout the first two readings this is mainly what my annotations just changeling, moving on from those we can to the article about the WBC and with this article I had a lot more questioning intentions, Specifically one I can remember spending a lot of my time thinking about near the end of the article and while I was in class was why Phelps-Roper had still not cut her hair after leaving the church. And I remember thinking that that would be an interesting conversation to have with her if I ever got the chance to meet her, which hopefully I won’t. But moving on to walking while black throughout this article I definitely remember having a lot of questioning annotations all revolving around brands of clothes i didn’t know and some terms about and referencing old timey type of play or philosophy. But the majority of my annotations were relating type annotations as a queer person and a neuro divergent person I have faced many similar discriminations and other types of micro aggressions as he did, never to the extent of violence fortunately for me and unfortunate that he had to go through things that bad. But just as a minority on earth not even just in America I could relate to some the feelings he was having when he first moved to America about feeling like an outsider and if he made one wrong move how he would be in his case arrested in my case more be treated less than and viewed worse than by my peers. But looking over my annotations I think this is probably the one category I May not need much improvement in. I know I’m not perfect but I’m definitely not bad at it either and I think that’s good.

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