Outcome 1- revision process

I’d love to be able to come into this Revision outcome and say that I’m proud of the leaps I’ve made in my revision process, but that just wouldn’t be true. All of my essays have been rushed and or uninspired because I didn’t connect with the topic. Even when I did connect with a topic I was so busy with other things, projects and works that I had to turn in my essay just barely in time with no real time for revising of any kind. And because of the busy nature of a college student’s schedule, my revision process still needs a lot of work. As a part of this reflection I am supposed to look at a rough draft of one of my essays and compare it to the final draft but I don’t have that, the closest thing to that I can kind of get to that is my original version of my second essay, but the problem with that is that I completely changed my second essay when I realized that my first “draft” didn’t really for the prompt at all and so my second attempt at the essay was much more in line with the actually prompt and so i feel it doesn’t really fit here. So I am left here at least with the knowledge that I have a lot of work that I need to do in the area of my Revision process. And in future essays and writing classes that I may end up taking I hope to actually be able to work on my revision skills.

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